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The “FiveM Loading Screen Script” is a must-have resource for FiveM server owners, compatible with QBCore and ESX. It lets you personalize your loading screen with a custom logo, links to vital resources, and a staff panel for easy management. Players can enjoy background music with an on/off option and watch an embedded video, which can be revealed or hidden with a custom key. This script ensures a captivating and informative loading screen experience, leaving a lasting impact on your FiveM community.

Fivem Loading Screen Script | QBCore and ESX

The “FiveM Loading Screen Script” is a versatile and user-friendly resource designed to enhance the loading screen experience for your FiveM server. This script is specifically tailored to cater to the needs of FiveM server owners, making it an essential addition to your server management toolkit.

Key Features:

  1. Custom Server Logo: With this script, you can effortlessly display your server’s unique logo, giving players an immediate sense of identity and branding. This personalization ensures that your server stands out from the rest.
  2. Custom Links: The script offers an array of customizable links, allowing you to direct players to essential resources, such as your server’s website, forums, or Discord channel. This feature facilitates community engagement and information dissemination.
  3. Staff Panel: Managing your staff has never been easier. The script includes a dedicated staff panel that showcases your team’s members, their roles, and contact information. This helps players reach out to your staff when they need assistance or have inquiries.
  4. Music and Music On/Off: Set the mood for your loading screen with the option to play background music. Additionally, players have the choice to toggle the music on and off, giving them control over their audio experience.
  5. Video Integration: Elevate your loading screen by embedding a captivating video. You can provide a sneak peek of your server’s gameplay or showcase your community’s best moments. Plus, there’s an option to hide or reveal the video with a custom key, ensuring flexibility and interactivity.

The “FiveM Loading Screen Script” offers a seamless way to engage your players while they wait to join your server. It’s a powerful tool for branding, information dissemination, and community interaction. Enhance your server’s loading screen experience with this script, making a lasting impression on your FiveM community.

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