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Revolutionize your FiveM gaming adventures with the Car HUD FiveM script, elevating your driving experience to new heights. This cutting-edge script brings immersive features to your heads-up display, including real-time fuel levels, directional clarity, live MPH indicator, and a unique seating timer for added realism. Navigate the vast virtual world confidently with live place name displays. Incorporate the Car HUD FiveM script into your server now to enhance fuel management, directional awareness, and real-time tracking, creating an unparalleled, immersive driving experience.

Car HUD FiveM Script

Experience a new level of immersion and functionality with the Car HUD FiveM script, a cutting-edge addition to your FiveM gaming adventures. Designed to enhance your in-game driving experience, this script brings a range of features right to your heads-up display (HUD), providing real-time information and a more realistic feel to your virtual driving escapades.

Fuel Level at a Glance:

Never worry about running out of fuel again! The Car HUD FiveM script prominently displays your vehicle’s fuel level directly on your HUD, allowing you to keep a constant eye on it and plan your pit stops strategically during those intense pursuits or leisurely drives.

Directional Awareness:

Stay on the right path with the built-in directional indicator. The Car HUD FiveM script guarantees directional clarity, enhancing navigation seamlessly in the vast virtual world. Stay on course effortlessly with this immersive addition to your gaming experience.

Speed in MPH:

Feel the need for speed? The script features a live MPH (Miles Per Hour) indicator, keeping you informed about your velocity in real-time. Whether you’re cruising through the city streets or engaging in high-speed chases, you’ll always be in control.

Live Place Name Display:

Explore the vast world of FiveM with confidence as the HUD script displays the live place name on your HUD. This feature adds a layer of realism, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the diverse environments within the game.

Seating Timer:

Track your virtual driving adventures with the innovative seating timer feature. As you enter your virtual vehicle, the script shows your time behind the wheel, enhancing gaming realism.

Incorporate the Fivem Car HUD script into your FiveM server today and revolutionize the way you interact with the virtual roads. Fuel management, directional awareness, and real-time tracking create an immersive driving experience.

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