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Enhanced roleplay: Garages provide a dedicated space for players to interact with their vehicles, fostering roleplay around car maintenance, customization, and ownership.

Organized server: Systems can prevent cluttered streets and despawned vehicles, keeping the server environment organized and visually appealing.

Security and convenience: Garages offer players a haven for their vehicles, protecting them from theft or damage and making them readily accessible.

Economic opportunities: Advanced systems with features like vehicle sales can create a dynamic in-game economy, allowing players to profit from car ownership and trade.

Location v3(873.8291, -2195.5010, 30.5193, 177.2563) 

 FiveM garage system is a custom plugin implemented within a FiveM server that adds functionality related to parking and storing vehicles. These systems can vary significantly in complexity and features but aim to enhance and enrich the roleplay experience around car ownership and use in FiveM.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from a FiveM garage system:

Basic Functionalities:

  • Vehicle storage: Players can park their owned vehicles within designated garages, keeping them safe from despawn or damage.
  • Garage selection: Different systems offer diverse ways to interact with garages, such as proximity triggers, menus, or critical items.
  • Vehicle retrieval: Players can easily retrieve their parked vehicles from the garage, usually teleporting them directly to their location.
  • Security options: Some systems allow setting permissions for who can access specific garages, preventing unauthorized use or theft.

Advanced Features:

  • Customization: Certain systems allow players to customize their garages, change the interior design, add decorations, or purchase additional garage slots.
  • Repair and maintenance: Advanced systems might integrate with other server mechanics, allowing players to repair or modify their vehicles within the garage.
  • Fuel management: Some systems track fuel consumption, requiring players to refuel their vehicles at the garage, adding an element of realism.
  • Vehicle sales: High-end systems might even enable players to buy and sell vehicles within their garages, creating a dynamic car market within the server.

Location v3(873.8291, -2195.5010, 30.5193, 177.2563) 

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