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Security rooms can be located in any building, such as a police station, a bank, or a government facility.

Security rooms are often staffed by security guards responsible for monitoring the security cameras and responding to alarms.

Players can sometimes access security rooms if they have the appropriate permissions. For example, police officers may have access to security rooms in police stations.

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FiveM Security room are typically used for storing valuable items or controlling access to restricted areas. They are often equipped with security cameras, alarms, and other security measures to deter crime.

Here are some of the typical features of a FiveM security room:

  • Security cameras: These are used to monitor activity in and around the security room.
  • Alarms: These will sound if unauthorized entry is attempted or a security measure is breached.
  • Keypad or card reader: This controls access to the security room.
  • Weapons and armour: These may be stored in the security room for use by security personnel.
  • Computers: These may be used to monitor security cameras, view security logs, or control other security measures.

Location v3(888.6885, -2337.1050, 30.3613, 117.1129) 

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