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Creating custom businesses and enterprises Players can use MLOs to create their restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and other companies within the game world.

Building unique player homes and apartments MLOs can be used to create custom houses and apartments for players to live in, complete with their furniture and decorations.

Adding new locations for roleplay MLOs can create new areas for players to roleplay in, such as police stations, hospitals, and even custom game modes like escape rooms or haunted houses.

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FiveM Studio MLO stands for Map Load Objects. These custom-made interior and exterior spaces can be added to a FiveM server, the multiplayer mod for Grand Theft Auto V.

  • FiveM: A multiplayer modification for Grand Theft Auto V that allows players to create and join custom servers with their own rules and mods.
  • Studio: Refers to the FiveM Studio tool, a built-in editor within the game that allows players to create and edit their maps and interiors.
  • MLO Stands for “Map Load Object.” These are custom-made 3D models that can be place within the FiveM Studio editor to create new interiors and exteriors.

Location v3(738.4123, 2524.5105, 73.1999, 102.3769) 

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