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Trimming Stations: Spacious areas with well-lit tables, drying racks, and trimming tools provide a place for players to process the harvested cannabis meticulously.

Drying Rooms: Controlled temperature and humidity environments ensure proper drying of the cannabis buds, often featuring hanging lines or drying racks.

Processing Equipment: Industrial grinders, sifters, and packaging machines add a touch of realism and functionality to the operation.

Location v3(-346.8183, 33.1551, 47.8590, 340.0767) 

FiveM weed farm interior offer a diverse range of design possibilities, reflecting the creativity and preferences of individual server owners and modders. Here’s a breakdown of some common elements you might encounter:

1. Growing Areas:

  • Hydroponics: Rows of neatly aligned trays holding vibrant green cannabis plants bathed in warm grow lights create a futuristic and efficient vibe.
  • Soil Cultivation: Large pots or raised beds filled with rich soil and thriving cannabis plants exude a rustic and earthy atmosphere.
  • Greenhouse: Lush greenery meets industrial elements with steel frames supporting glass panels, allowing natural light to bathe the cannabis plants while maintaining optimal temperature and humidity.

Location v3(-346.8183, 33.1551, 47.8590, 340.0767) 

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fivem weed farm interior
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