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Enhanced roleplaying: Police station MLOs provide a dedicated space for police officers to roleplay their duties, from taking reports to booking suspects.

Improved immersion: The detailed interiors and interactive elements can make players feel like they’re working in a real police station.

Increased server variety: Different police station MLOs offer different styles and features, allowing server owners to create unique experiences for their players.

Location v3(-1632.1654, -1012.9352, 13.1064, 169.9503) 

Police station MLO  FiveM is a custom map mod that adds a new police station to the game world. These MLOs can be incredibly detailed and immersive, often featuring:

Realistic building exteriors and interiors: These can range from classic brick buildings to modern skyscrapers, with squad cars parked outside, evidence lockers, interrogation rooms, holding cells, and more.

Interactive elements: Some MLOs include working computers, doors, and other objects that players can interact with, adding to the realism and roleplaying potential.

Unique features: Some MLOs go beyond the basics and add special features like custom evidence boards, firing ranges, or even underground tunnels.

Location v3(-1632.1654, -1012.9352, 13.1064, 169.9503) 

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police station mlo fivem
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